A Big Thank You

It’s been a busy year getting back to a more normal time after Covid of seeing our retail shops after the first Scotlands Trade Fair Spring show since January 2020 in March of this year. We look forward to January when we will be back to the normal routine of launching all our new products including our 2024 Calendar range.
Looking back at this year one does fondly recall many a conversation when catching up with our long term friends on other islands from Arran to Shetland on our various trips marketing and photographing. Some of our shop accounts have been with us for the entire 35 years we have been publishing which is indeed heartwarming.
We have great support from the shops we supply, and when we bring out our new designs it’s always a great feeling seeing them take their place amongst our other products. Likewise with the returning customers to our shop and gallery I know there’s often the anticipation of seeking out our regular calendar titles, and also likewise for all of you who support us online each year. You are all so important to us in keeping us publishing the amount of material we do, so a big thank you from us!
As we look forward to our new titles being launched next month and also to more special moments, be they conversations or images yet to happen, I stand back from my own photographic work and cherish the talents of others that we publish. I truly say f thank you for the wonderful work of Laurie Campbell and the artistry of John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo) and Anthony Barber. One thing I have learnt over the years of working with these incredibly talented and influential people is that they are often the most humble when it comes to their talents and their achievements. For them it’s just what they do.
For their creativity and the joy they give to others I would like to say thank you, and thank you to all of you who support Island Blue Publishing here on the Isle of Mull. We wish you peace and happiness this New Year.