Thank You For Everything This Year

November and December have an unusual aspect to them of heightened interest in our 2024 calendars, with them being purchased directly from us and from many of our very loyal mail order customers. This being so we are always immersed in the putting together of the year after next calendars during this time, in this year’s case all of our 2025 titles!

This time of year is when we get the most feedback of how our customers feel about what we do and usually how much they like the contents, look and feel of the particular title or titles that mean so much to them. It’s always invaluable to receive this feedback and certainly means a great deal to us. When we put together a new collection of calendars there is always a lot of thought and feeling that goes into them, so to hear from yourselves that you resonate with the heart and passion we put into the process is a truly rewarding feeling.

As I write the 2025 titles have just been printed, and as ever there’s some beautiful colour emitting from every page. This is very much our Island Blue trademark look and something that always feels right to portray, whilst I am also afan of great black and white imagery, I think that life should be viewed in the amazing colour that’s to be found in living life with true awareness.

All the best,