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4th November 2020

Well we have had made it through to Bonfire Night in a year which seems more likely to be buy one get two years added on at the same time!
The images below epitomise some of the stunning light we have experienced in Argyll particularly in the early part of Autumn – it’s all been a bit wild and woolly as of late! There was a sense of relief and genuine good feeling when our retailers were allowed to open up in July onwards, and from our point of view, to see this year’s new titles actually out there for sale was a tremendous feeling. At one point in the Spring and early Summer we wondered if this would actually materialise this year!
Many of the owners and managers of shops we supply throughout Scotland have become good friends over the years, and with this being the case it’s never hard to feel and appreciate the bigger picture of just how many people we are associated with that have been deeply effected by this years events. Let’s hope very soon we can genuinely feel we are all progressing with our lives again.
Onwards and upwards to times when a life enhancing hug will most definitely be the norm again.