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A New Year…

We would like to wish all our Island Blue friends a truly Happy New Year. These few simple words take on more of a heartfelt meaning than any other year at the beginning of January in 2021. We sincerely hope for so much more peace and joy in your lives in the next twelve months and I know we are in the very fortunate position of having the beautiful landscape around us on Mull, like this recent image of Calgary Bay, but on the human front like everywhere else in the UK there has been so much that has been missing from our lives here in the Hebrides.
At Island Blue we are continuing to look forward and have managed to come up with what feels like a pretty inspirational range of titles for this year. We are keeping all our fingers and toes crossed that we will be able to launch our new calendars and more across our great retailers that we supply all over Scotland in early April – a wee bit later than usual but sometimes one has to bow to the inevitable and it does occasionally mean just that. However we are still pulling out all the stops for our Spring launch! You will of course be able to purchase directly from us via and through Island Blue Gallery and the Island Blue Tobermory shop.
All these years on of publishing calendars in particular, nothing ever takes away the feeling of excitement of seeing a New Year’s titles in finished form. Particularly when you are seeing such great work from our Island Blue family of artists its always an honour!