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Happy New Year

Somehow we have miraculously arrived at the  beginning of January and not only a new year but a new decade.At Island Blue we have been working away on all the  new images for our 2021 calendars these  past three months,it almost has a ritualistic element to it having been working away with long term friends in Malaysia for over 20 years at this time of year.Well a new decade and I think we should go back to our roots of the passion that first instilled me to pick up a camera way back in childhood and then taking that passion for creating an image of beauty Into my twenties when on moving to the Inner Hebridean Island of Mull,the light and magic of the landscape of the Hebridean landscape was the passion that gave birth to Island Blue in late eighties! So what’s seems fitting as we enter this decade that we do justice to that original passion for the Islands and let us create some truly beautiful images in our fourth decade that will more than ever will reach out and touch your soul in these materialistic a kind of renewing of our Island Blue wows feels in order for 2020, let’s be passionate about creating as much beauty and colour in the coming months and years and which ever way we do it,let us find way new and different ways of touching more souls!