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The ugly duckling turned into the beautiful swan of summer sunshine on Iona!

Yesterday dawned with somewhat uncompromising torrential showers and the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan of summer sunshine on Iona that reigned supreme in the afternoon!

Driving down through the Ross of Mull enroute to Iona thoughts turned to our first ever calendar published what must be around 27 years ago now! This first title was in fact the Iona calendar which nearly 30 years on is still a firm favourite with so many of our loyal customers, for this reason it always holds a special place for me in all the different titles we now publish under Island Blue. Somewhat ironically though it is always one of our most challenging titles to produce (life has a habit of being bitter sweet!) with such a small geographical area to work with and with nearly 30 editions produced! However I am not sure if you call it divine intervention and or a mix of the ever the changing Hebridean light but every year there are always new inspirations to be found often in the simplest things gone unnoticed in previous years.

It was with this amazing backdrop of Iona that I heard the sad passing of Aretha Franklin, I think her inner mantra of if you can’t feel it then she could not sing lyrics that she could not feel, I think this must be true for any artist of true merit you have to feel in the soul to create.

I am sure millions of people throughout the world are saying a little prayer for Aretha just now and thanking her inwardly for all the love and inspiration she gave to so many talented singers that followed in her footsteps, rest in peace Aretha.


Martin Guppy